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We provide industrial standard training equipment to education and training providers around the world. Our solutions cover science, engineering, and technology disciplines from physics to robotics to microcontrollers, electrical installation, automotive and more. Discover our full range of solutions in our interactive curriculum map.

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Have you heard of Ghost?

AUGUST 23, 2019

  What is Ghost? Here at Matrix, we have developed our very own technology called Ghost! This is a new technology which, when combined with Flowcode, provides a revolutionary way of debugging electronic systems. Ghost technology provides a real time log of the status of all the pins on the microcontroller whilst a Flowcode program...


Electrical machines – three phase motor

AUGUST 15, 2019

In our recent blog posts, we have been taking a closer look at the motors included in our range of modern electrical machines and we are currently making a series on the different motors available in the range. We have also been getting great feedback so far from customers worldwide who are excited to try...


Electrical Machines – The DC motor

AUGUST 2, 2019

The second in our series of videos about Electrical Machines, we look at the classic DC motor in use! This is the first in the series of seven motors within the kit, and here we look at the functions of a DC motor in industry and how the motor in our kit can be used,...


NEW!!! Modern Electrical Machines from Matrix!

JULY 24, 2019

We were very excited to launch our new product, modern electrical machines last week, which has already had some very positive feedback and is proving to be very popular! This new and exciting range features eight different types of machines and four separate curricula for the user to follow, including the ability to control the...


Video to explain how to start using Flowcode as an Arduino user

Using the Oscilloscope in Flowcode 8.2

JUNE 17, 2019

The Oscilloscope was recently overhauled as part of Flowcode 8.2. It contains a wide array of usability improvements. In this latest video, Daniel takes a more detailed look at the Oscilloscope. He shows you how to use it with Flowcode’s simulation mode, as well as with Matrix’s Ghost ICT technology. The trigger functionality of the...